ATG Managed Email Protection: How do I use it?

ATG Managed Email Protection: How do I use it?

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Recently we have been receiving frequent tickets regarding our ATG Managed Email Protection solution. The type of tickets being raised relate to the following questions:

  • How do I use my quarantine report? 0:20
  • How do I log in to my quarantine portal? 4:07
  • How do I release an email that's in quarantine?
  • Email received are being listed as a virus or banned what do I do? 2:34
  • Legitimate emails that have been banned, where do they go? 5:11
  • How to change my password? 6:22
  • How do I delete multiple emails in my portal? 4:52
  • What do I do if I suspect a spam email in my inbox? 3:42
  • How do I whitelist a sender or domain? 0:55
  • How do I blacklist a sender or domain? 2:07
  • How and why should I preview a message? 1:19
  • How long will my emails stay in quarantine? 3:20
  • What is a rule and how do I set one? 5:38

Look no further, Here at ATG, we have started a new video series answering popular questions from both our clients and the general public.

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