Cyber Security Audit

Cyber security audit vector

When was the last time you assessed the cyber risk of your business? For many SME's the answer is never. Cyber security risks have dramatically evolved, but the approach businesses use to manage them has not kept pace. With cyber crime on the rise and being a major focus in the media, large and small organisations need to reassess their IT security.

A cyber security audit assessment effectively identifies the potential risks which can affect your businesses IT systems, processes and assets. Focusing on understanding your business and its vulnerabilities and classifying the potential impacts

At ATG-IT we can:

  • Perform a security audit of your IT equipment, network, IT infrastructure and existing IT security.
  • Robust supply chain analysis.
  • Assess your internal practices in relation to IT Security
  • Perform external vulnerability testing & scans
  • Review your company against the National Cyber Security Centre’s requirements for IT
  • Consult and advise on how secure your organisation is, what vulnerabilities and risks exist in your security.
  • Provide you with a written report, on any remedial work required and the technologies and solutions needed to address any security shortfalls and to ensure you increase your levels of security.
  • Advise you on additional security requirements in order to prepare your organisation further against the wider Cyber threat landscape.
  • Offer your organisation ongoing monitoring and protection, ensuring your security systems are doing their jobs and keeping them, and you, updated and provide greater protection against Cyber threats

Benefits of having a cyber security audit:

  • Identify the areas to improve your security
  • Demonstrate a level of assurance to your suppliers and customers
  • Have a solid foundation for protecting your data as part of GDPR

Since every organisation will need its own unique layered approach, we can also put together a package tailored to meet your specific Cyber Security requirements.

Don’t delay, act now to improve your organisations security and minimise your financial and organisation risks.

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