Malware Protect

84% of malware attacks can stay latent on your network for months.

Why do I need ATG Managed Malware Protect?

With Malware Protect managed by ATG, you are adding a vital layer of security to detect malware. Anti Virus is no longer the complete solution. Cyber attacks against SMB’s are on the rise. With nearly a million instances of new malware being released a day, having live, real-time threat protection is imperative, having multiple sources for that data is another step to being protected. Each endpoint needs multiple layers detection and remediation to ensure complete protection.

About Malware Protect

Our Malware Protect service meets all requirements and needs that your business requires. Malware Protect delivers fast, lean malware protection designed to supplement your current endpoint security solution. Our robust heuristic scanning engine detects and eliminates zero-hour malware other security solutions miss, enhancing your security posture and closing detection vulnerabilities.

Did you know?

  • In the last year Symantec report that more than 317 million new pieces of malware were created.
  • Malware can effect Mac and Android Operating Systems.
  • Severe malware usually morphs and has a very low detection score, so antivirus solutions can’t detect it.
  • You need a proactive solution that can work as a supplement for your AV.
  • In 2015, hackers have been targeting Mac OS which has seen an increase of over 500%.
  • If you or your computer system/s become infected with Malware, you will notice a significant loss of speed to your internet connection.