Internet Security

Malvertising increased by 260% in 2015 and will rise in 2016.

Why do I need ATG Managed Internet Security?

Malvertising has increased by 260% in the first half of this year compared with the equivalent period in 2014, according to security firm RiskIQ.

ATG Managed Internet Security gives you additional features such as phishing protection and content filtering. These are a top priority in monitoring and controlling what content is accessed in your business.

About Internet Security

Internet Security from ATG checks all website requests against those that are thought to be malicious. If you don’t want certain subjects being viewed such as porn, violence and gambling for example, then this can be filtered out, blocking any individual attempting to access that given site. Internet Security gives you the flexibility to monitor all traffic that enters your network.

Internet Security also acts as an exterior second “layer” of protection to devices such as phones, tablets and laptops that are taken offsite. Basically, the web content monitoring and filtering will continue to work outside of your network, and protect you from malicious content.

Did you know?

What is malvertising?

We all visit websites, to which we build our lives around. We browse, we shop, we buy, we communicate. It’s just at the end of our fingertips.

How many of us are “guilty” of clicking a small advert or link on a website, such as Facebook that is advertising something? I think we can all say yes to that at some point. Did you realise that there is a new way of spreading malware by making these “adverts” run scripts that have been embedded into the advert itself? It’s called Malvertising.

Malvertising was first seen back in 2007, but never really took hold of the world wide web. By 2010, it was a totally different story with over 3,500 websites carrying malware.