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A cyber breach is a matter 'when' not 'if'. Do you have a plan?

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of UK businesses suffered downtime in the past 12 months


that's the average cost of downtime per hour in GBP


of companies go out of business within 2 years after experiencing a disaster without a recovery plan in place

Be seconds away from your data, no matter what.

Ensuring business continuity in a cyber breach is essential for all companies. A robust disaster recovery system reduces your downtime in case of a breach or server failure and helps you keep things running with minimum disruption.

This is where 5nines comes in. Our disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC) solution aims to keep our customers up for 99.999% of the time, reducing the impact of any problems and fixing them to have things back to normal as quickly as possible.

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Fires, floods, storms and human error - any one of these natural disasters can impose serious damage to the livelihood of a business. Depending on your business type and location, the risk attached to these natural disasters can vary. Here’s a quick Disaster Survival reference guide to ensure your business can weather any storm. Download today.

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If there’s a cyber breach, server failure or any disaster that causes systems to go down, you need to be able to recover your data and get things up and running fast.

Having everything securely backed up in the cloud, and making sure back up is done regularly, means you’ll spend less time on restoring systems. You’re legally required to have data backed up, and doing so means you don’t lose anything essential to the running of your business.

Frequent data backups mean that if there is a disaster, you’ll only lose any work or updates made since the last backup. Your data is encrypted and ready to be restored no matter how severe the attack or damage to servers, and it can be done with a simple click of a button. Get your disaster recovery in place now to prevent major data loss in the future.

Cybersecurity attacks are no longer a distant possibility, they’re the reality facing businesses across the world, no matter what their size. As everyone is increasingly reliant on technology for work and personal use, keeping things safe, secure and protected is a big part of running a modern business.

It’s hard to imagine what the impact on your company would be, but don’t wait until things go wrong to find out. Any downtime could have serious financial implications and over a period of time could mean you risk going out of business. You also have a responsibility to your users or customers, particularly if you’re holding confidential data.

If your servers go down or a disaster happens, your business needs to keep going with minimal disruption to your staff and customers. You need to be able to secure all data, both internal and external, and as quickly as possible. Getting your business continuity system right saves you money and reduces the potential of lost revenue.

System backups need to be done while still allowing your teams to carry on their usual work, so there’s as little disruption as possible. You also want your data secure while the backups are taking place, and you want a secure cloud system to give you peace of mind until everything is sorted.

It’s also important that your staff can communicate with each other, both to work on backup and recovery and day to day tasks, and you need to be able to keep in touch with customers to let them know what’s going on and when things will be fixed. Without maintaining connectivity, continuity can’t happen.

How much would server
downtime cost you now?

Why not find out for yourself by using our FREE Recovery Time and Downtime Cost Calculator.

This tool can be used to evaluate your recovery time objective (RTO - maximum time you can afford to take to resume normal IT service) and recovery point objective (RPO – the maximum amount of data you can afford to lose without impacting upon your business) and provide you with an estimated cost of downtime based on your recovery time.

Do you have a disaster recovery procedure in place? If you do, have you tested it recently?

5nines eliminates a costly downtime in all circumstances.


ATG’s Business Continuity solution provides:

  • Risk assessment and planning
  • Ongoing data backups to ensure the safety and availability of your data
  • Fast recovery times and multi-site availability
  • Data encryption and storage in our very own off-site data centers
  • A professional protection plan to help boost your client’s trust
  • Reduced insurance premium costs

Industry Solutions

5nines solutions address the ever changing needs of businesses and of every industry. Click one of the industries to learn more or reach out to us for information on an industry you don’t see listed.




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Why partner with ATG?

At ATG, we use 5nines, our hybrid disaster recovery and business continuity solution. 5nines provides you with a screenshot verification to show you that your backups work and ensures that you can be completely back up and running within six seconds.

We understand that reducing the damage done by a server crash or data breach is vital for businesses, so you can continue to support your customers, keep things going and protect the future of your company.

SMBs throughout the UK have been relying on ATG for 30 years. We only offer the highest-quality solutions to our customers, keep their data safe and give them peace of mind that their business will be taken care of. That’s what keeps them coming back to us, and it will do the same for you.




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Download our Natural Disasters Survival Guide!


Fires, floods, storms and human error - any one of these natural disasters can impose serious damage to the livelihood of a business. Depending on your business type and location, the risk attached to these natural disasters can vary. Here’s a quick Disaster Survival reference guide to ensure your business can weather any storm. Download today.

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