How we track Customer Satisfaction.

How we track Customer Satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction – We Want Smiley Faces 

Customer satisfaction is one of our most important metrics at ATG. At ATG we have the mantra of Think Like a Customer, which means we put ourselves in the position of the user and think that if it was us in their position how would we like things to be dealt with. We are always looking to provide the best customer service and that’s why we ask for user feedback each time our service desk closes a ticket. The way this works is after a member of our service desk finishes with a customer query the customer will receive an email containing 3 faces. If the user is happy with the service received they click the green smiley face and if they weren't happy they can click the neutral or sad. There is also an option to leave comments, which many users do. The reactions are displayed live in our support department so everyone can see them.  

SmileBack Pricing, Cost & Reviews - Capterra UK 2022

These faces can then be converted to a CSAT (customer satisfaction) score.  

What is CSAT score?

The Net CSAT Score is a single number that represents your overall performance based on the number of positive and negative reviews you've received. We use Smileback to calculate and log all our reviews, it also calculates our CSAT score for us. 

The formular it uses to calculate our CSAT Score is as follows: 


% Positive Reviews - % Negative Reviews = Net CSAT Score 


How do we use our CSAT score?

Not only is CSAT score a handy internal benchmarking tool, but it can also be used to show customers and potential customers as a live metric on how satisfied our customers are. On the home page of our website, we display our live CSAT score of the past 90 days. Currently, we have a score of 98.3/100. Our score for the whole of 2021 was an amazing 99.3!. We also like to use our feedback every week to create our 'Feedback Friday' social media posts and highlight the employee who helped the customer.

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