Business Challenges

Data backup

Is your data accessible, secure and recoverable?

Everyone knows data backup is an essential part of running a business, but does everyone do it? For many organisations data is critical part of its operations; and quite often business owners don't consider the impact it'd have on the business if one day you wasn't able to access this data.

If your data is important to you and your business (and if it isn’t, why do you even have it!). For your own piece of mind, why not encompass your data in technology which is easily accessible, secure and easily recoverable?

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Whens the last time you've audited your systems?

As we move further into an all digital word, cyber security is a phrase you'll hear more and more. Most SME's generally assume that they don't hold valuable data and that cyber criminals are only after large organisations. In contrary to popular belief, SME owners are a gold mine

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Budgeting for IT

How much better would you feel if you had a fixed monthly fee which covered all your IT issues?

IT is a significant investment for any business, but how can you justify the cost when its always fluctuating. A new problem often for in-house departments, results in recruiting for the specific skill set or investing in training schemes for your existing employees.

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Improving your business with IT

How much better would you be if your technology
always worked?

IT is an ever growing and innovative industry, falling behind could leave your systems vulnerable to a number of potential threats. With IT you can never predict when things go wrong, neither can you predict how quick they can be rectified. Usually resulting in downtime, affecting the productivity of your workforce.

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Is your business compliant with all the current and future legislations being put in place?

Compliance with industry regulations, legislation and client driven standards is another responsibility to add to an already full agenda. Managing risk, compliance and security requires expertise, experience and regular training.

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Lack of time

Do you find IT a burden on your time?

One of the biggest challenges for business owners and decision-makers is the lack of time. IT should not be a burden or steal your time. We can help you get some of your time back so you can focus on what you do best.

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