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Let ATG Transform Your Employees Into Powerful Human Firewalls

Our cybersecurity specialists will make sure your team understands every type of cyberscheme, and how to identify and avoid them at work.

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Awareness is Your Team’s Best Defense

Cybercriminals target your employees for one reason: their lack of cybersecurity know-how. And even if you have sophisticated network defences, they will find a way to manipulate your team members. That’s why ATG’s managed security and awareness training is vital for protecting your business on all fronts. ATG specialists will prepare your team through:

Features of Our Security Awareness Training Program

Tailored Phishing and Landing Pages

Choose from pre-made templates or develop targeted spear phishing campaigns based on each employees’ personal information. You can specifically phish for their private details by devising a tailored landing page for each phishing template.

Smart Groups

Customise training assignments, remedial learning, phishing campaigns, and reporting based on each employee’s user attributes and behaviour.

Simulated Attachments

Test your team’s awareness by attaching simulated files in your tailored phishing templates. Attachments are available in zipped or unzipped versions of PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

Unlimited Usage

Depending on your subscription level, you will have unlimited access to all phishing features, as well as our library of over 700 learning resources. We don’t charge any artificial license ceilings, only 10% overage allowance.

Best-in-class Reporting

We provide an in-depth report of your training and phishing campaigns, as well as a general overview of your past 5 campaigns. With over 650 built-in reports, you will be able to identify key awareness training indicators.

New Risk Scoring

With our cutting-edge Virtual Risk Officer feature, you can monitor your security standing over time. It reveals the Risk Score of your entire team, of each department, and of each team member, alerting you if it’s time to train again.

Fully managed and implemented by ATG-IT

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