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Are you experiencing problems with your current technology infrastructure? Can you confidently say that your IT systems are supporting your organisation’s goals? If the answer is “no” to either of these, don’t be alarmed. With our Managed Services, you can rest assured that your technology investment offers maximum security, efficiency and productivity.

We equip you with your very own team of IT experts to look over your IT infrastructure 24/7. More importantly, we optimise your technology infrastructure and stop problems in the backend, before they affect your business.

Why outsource your IT to ATG?

Cost effective and stable expenditure on IT

24/7/365, around the clock support

Proactive and multi-layered monitoring

Access to a broad range of experienced technicians

Focus on running your business, whilst we manage your technology needs.

Receive the latest technological advancements provided by our range of partners

Increase staff productivity

Receive industry knowledge that’ll affect your business

Fully managed enterprise security, down to every endpoint

Customer Satisfaction

At ATG, we are always looking to provide the best customer service, to allow us to do that we need end user feedback, so each time a ticket is closed by our service desk the user will receive an email, the email contains 3 faces. One happy, one neutral and one sad. Additionally there is also an option to leave comments, the reactions are displayed live in our support department.

CSAT (customer satisfaction) is displayed as a score between 0 and 100, with 100 representing complete customer satisfaction. Since implementing the solution in Summer 2016 we are currently running at 99.4/100 score! The live score over the last 90 days is displayed on our home page.

With Managed Services from ATG, you get:


24/7 Monitoring

Our monitoring agents analyse your systems in real time, automatically detecting any issues which could disrupt productivity. Giving our trust technicians a notification so they can respond appropriately, before it becomes a notable issue for yourself.


Expert & experienced IT technicians

Receive expert advice form trained individuals who can manage a variety of specific needs and requirements of your organisations. Our service desk is available 24 hours a day, including weekends should you need it. Resolving your IT issues in the most efficient and practical way, whether it be on-site or remotely.


Remote support

ATG's remote support allows us to efficiently resolve issues, so you wont have a technician disrupting your day-to-day operations. This is followed by a monthly phone call from our account manager adding a personal touch to our intangible service.


24/7/365 maintenance

If a problem is detected n your servers out of hours our engineers will start to work on the problem straight away. Not waiting until you report it at 9am, getting you working again as quickly as possible. All proactive server maintenance will be carried out outside of office hours, preventing downtime.


Hardware & Software solutions

Finding the right hardware and software for your business can be like finding your way through a maze. With the myriad of technology options available, how do you know which will best support your business goals? This is where ATG’s Hardware & Software solution comes in. We bring deep IT expertise and advise you on the hardware and software you need to maximise profits.

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