Backup Solutions

Conventional Tape Back Up

Tape backup has long been regarded as the most reliable form of backup. You purchase a tape drive, a set of tapes and backup software. This is installed and configured in your server environment. Tape backup solutions are becoming outdated and need constant management and maintenance, check out of top issues with tape backup. Learn More!


Cloud Backup Solutions

The latest technology to emerge to backup data is Cloud backup. Typically your core data is taken off site using your internet connection. You configure the backup to move your critical data off site each night. You will normally pay per gigabyte of data that you store in the Cloud. Learn More!


Hard Disk Back Up

Many businesses are now adopting disk based backup solutions. These are typically quicker and sometimes more affordable than the traditional tape backup. Learn More!


Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Data Backup & Recovery is the process used to duplicate data, referred to as a backup. This enables the end user to restore, recover and re-use files to their original form of data that may have been lost or even corrupted. Learn More!

Disaster Recovery Solutions

5nines disaster recovery solutions are designed to keep your business running in the event of any disaster, be it human error or act of god! 5nines will ensure your business stays up and running by using the latest disaster recovery technology. Learn More!

Business Continuity

Business continuity is the process of keeping your business up and running in any situation. Having a business continuity solution in place can save your business money in two ways. Firstly, your business won’t suffer downtime. This saves you money as even if your systems were down, you would still have overheads and staff to pay whilst not being able to function as a business. Secondly, it will reduce your insurance premiums. Learn More!