Disaster Recovery Solutions

What is the point of a disaster recovery solution?

5nines disaster recovery solutions are designed to keep your business running in the event of any disaster, be it human error or act of god! 5nines will ensure your business stays up and running by using the latest disaster recovery technology.

Disaster Recovery Key Benefits

5nines hybrid disaster recovery solutions offer you peace of mind in a number ways.

The first key aspect of disaster recovery is backing up your data. With a 5nines device your data can be backed up as often as every 5 minutes, ensuring that if disaster were to strike, the maximum amount of data you would lose would be 5 minutes worth. Not only is your data backed up to the physical device in a granular method so that only new additions are added to each backup rather than a whole file each time to ensure efficient memory usage, but it is also backed up in the 5nines data centre in Portsmouth and encrypted to prevent unwanted access to your data. Should a cyber-attack occur, due to the granular nature of the backups, you can simply restore your server to the backup made before the attack. If your server is physically destroyed, you can continue to run your business remotely as though using a virtual server from our UK based datacentre within 6 seconds. Also, within 24 hours your new 5nines device will be delivered with a full copy of your last backup. No serious data loss. No downtime.

Disaster Recovery Test Services

Another benefit of the 5nines disaster recovery solution is that it not only backs up your data, it also tests that the backups are viable. A backup is only useful if it works. 5nines’s screenshot verification technology shows that a backup is successful by taking a screenshot when the backup is tested.