Why 5nines?

Wondering what the significance of 5nines is? In computers, 99.999 (often called "five 9s") refers to a desired percentage of availability of a given computer system. 5nines by ATG Delivers the most aggressive Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of any backup and disaster recovery solution available. By leveraging instant on- and off-site virtualisation, screenshot backup verification, local encryption and Backup Insights, 5nines by ATG delivers intelligent business continuity.

Our solutions ensure that your IT systems are always kept on, providing you and your work workforce with instant access to IT systems and data all of the time, even if you were unlucky enough to have a major disaster.

  • Are you a business owner or IT decision maker ?
  • Do you know and understand how critical your IT systems and data are to your business ?
  • Are your customers demanding assurances around your IT systems up time and availability ?
  • Do you have a legal obligation around Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity ?
  • Do you have to be complient ?
  • IT downtime in todays fast paced business environment is expensive, it can lead to lost revenue, lost productivity, damage to your reputation and in extream cases lead to the company to go out of business.

We aim to simplify traditional backup and recovery processes to keep your business running.

Most businesses know and understand that they should protect their IT systems, but the question is where do they start? There are so many different solutions and vendors out there and some of them can seem very complex and expensive.

With over 25 years in business, 5nines provides a one stop shop for backup and recovery, disaster recovery and full business continuity. Added to this, we provide our clients with a Disaster Recovery Plan, this will outline what will happen in the event you are unfortunate enough to suffer a disaster. We will also perform a full test once per year with you to show you that the service is working, at the end of the test you will receive a report which can be distributed among your management team, clients, or auditors. Both our Enterprise and Lite solutions provide:

5nines will provide a fully Managed service.

  • We will analyse your data back up needs and recommend a solution based on your needs today and your future requirements
  • A local backup solution replacing your tape or disk backup solution
  • Local recovery of individual files and folders
  • Instant local server recovery (in the event of an issue or disaster onsite)
  • Replication of images to a data centre in Portsmouth
  • Instant access to images in the Cloud via our secure data centre
  • A Disaster Recovery Plan
  • An annual disaster recovery test and report
  • 3 years warranty on hardware
  • Installation and setup
  • Weekly email report
  • Daily monitoring of backups

Do you have a disaster recovery in place ? If you do have,
have you tested it regularly?