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Data Backup and Data Recovery Service, Bromsgrove

Data Backup & Data Recovery is the process used to duplicate data, referred to as a backup. Our data recovery service enables the end user to restore, recover and re-use files to their original form of data that may have been lost or even corrupted.

Who uses Data Backup & Recovery and why?

The initial answer to this question is quite simple. Everybody.

To be more precise, everybody should. Any business that has any amount of data, both live and historic, is at risk every minute of every day. Be it as a result of either human error (the biggest UK data loss cause), natural disaster/s or computer viruses, a standard copy or backup isn’t enough to ensure business continuity.

It is also now a known fact that an approved solution will reduce and lower your business's insurance premiums, as well as giving you full business continuity, should the worst case scenario occur.

There are strict regulations that are set out by the Government that require businesses to store and archive electronic records and data without any changes. By having a data backup & recovery process enables businesses to adhere to legal and regulatory compliance.

How Data Backup & Recovery works

Businesses backup their electronic data using various different forms. At least they think they are backing up. The main problem with conventional backups is that they are rarely tested. Can you really test and verify every file? With 5nines data backup service you can. For total disaster recovery purposes, a backup copy needs to be transported or completely replicated offsite to make sure all of the data is totally secure, should a disaster occur.

Benefits of Data Backup & Recovery

Data backup & recovery allows businesses to protect and store their valuable data and information. As any business’s data is critical to its daily running, having an efficient and manageable data backup & recovery solution in place is imperative. Don’t let your business suffer due to ignorance towards data backup & recovery.

Final thoughts: If your server’s down, so is your business. If your data is lost or hijacked, your business won’t survive.

For more information about our data backup and data recovery service, please call our office in Bromsgrove on 0800 024 8459.