Why do businesses need external IT Support?

Why do businesses need external IT Support?

Regardless of your best office IT strategies, it's nearly impossible to thwart every type of cyberattack. And when they do happen, most businesses depend primarily on their internal resources and personnel. On the other hand, some organisations have realised the risks and complexities involved and have sought external IT support from leading industry specialists. Here are reasons why you should, too.

Access to new technologies and industry experts

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) are equipped with resources most small businesses can’t afford. They employ teams of experts in fields ranging from cybersecurity to data management to networking -- all available for you on an outsourced basis. For example, an MSP provides advanced security software and applications that can help your business avoid the risks of cyberthreat.

They also work with industry tech leaders who provide insights into upcoming hardware and software products in the market. This ensures you receive updated recommendations on the latest technologies so you can use them in your business, and they often come with deals and discounts that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

Knowledge from past breaches

External IT support providers have been helping businesses recover from all kinds of tech disasters since the dawn of hackers. They now have enough knowledge to prepare Data Backup and Disaster Recovery plans for you. This way, you and your team would still be up and running after suffering from an IT emergency without disrupting much of your business operations.

External support providers' experience with data protection will ensure your systems are monitored around the clock so your security systems are always functioning properly to keep cybercriminals at bay.

Run your business with ease

You don’t specialise in technology, so you don’t have the skill or the experience in dealing with digital felons. You also know how vulnerable your business is online and won’t dare do anything to jeopardise it. That’s why external support is such a great asset -- you’ll be able to manage your business without any worries because your external IT provider will keep it protected.

In the end, you also have to be cautious in your search for an external support provider. Conduct your research thoroughly, read through all their testimonial pages, and verify whether their business objectives coincide with yours. To put your mind at ease and to make sure that your business’s technology is in good hands, you can always send us a message and we’ll provide you all the references you need.



Speak directly
with an engineer


£57 per user


Not just IT but
strategic board level thinking.

  • Speak directly with an engineer.
    Never worry about being put on hold while the receptionist passes on your message to an engineer for them to only schedule a time to return your call. We understand that IT is an integral part of your business and if it's not working then that's our problem too! With ATG you can offload your problems directly to an engineer via our dedicated customer support line whether its an emergency or not.
  • £57 per user billing.
    Traditional MSP's normally charge you by the no. endpoints you have, which we find to be messy and extremely difficult to understand. This type of billing will often result in you paying for things you don't actually need. With ATG-IT you pay for the number of employees you have, this allows us to securely manage the individual as well as their devices.Our £57 user support covers the individual and three of their devices being a laptop, tablet and PC. Every device will be equipt with our full security stack software: Email protection, Virus Protect, Malware Protect and Internet Security. Giving you piece of mind when having to work off-site.
  • Not just IT but strategic board level thinking.
    At ATG we analyse your IT infrastructure and identify the needs of your business from a top-down level. Focusing on increasing productivity and minimising downtime through a range of our unique business continuity solutions. Ultimately our only aim is to increase uptime and deliver a first class user experience for yourself and your employees.

If you're not getting the most out of your IT then give us a call on 01527 570 535. We can help support businesses of all sizes even in a cross-platform environment with our dynamic range of solutions.