Meet our new ‘Marketing Executive’ – Jahmel Coleman

Some big changes are cooking up in the ATG office, one of these changes is our newly appointed Marketing ExecutiveJahmel Coleman. A Marketing Management graduate, previously studying creative digital media production.

Teaching the local entrepreneurs of Kenya

More recently Jahmel has returned from a 3-month voluntary placement with 'Balloon Ventures', aiding the local entrepreneurs of Nakuru (Kenya) in developing their aspiring business ideas. Teaching the skills needed to run a business was the primary focus of the placement, addressing the BMC (business model canvas), financial management and innovative thinking techniques; to both existing and start-up businesses. At the end of the programme all entrepreneur had the opportunity to pitch for a loan of up to 500,000ksh (£3780), which will be backed by their business plan.

As well as his charity duties, Jahmel also hosts a series of events for student peers in London, Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham; transferable skills which can be channelled into our up-coming 'lunch and learn' events. Through the implementation of campaigns and utilising the targeting features of social media, grants his nights success. Additionally, in his spare time Jahmel also partakes in monthly spoken word / poetry slam events making him quite the wordsmith.

Jahmel's marketing and creative digital media knowledge, in combination with his event management and charity initiatives make him a perfect fit for ATG and its values.

We are excited to have Jahmel on board to influence the creative and communication strategies of our marketing. The IT industry changes daily, helping everyone keep up to date on those changes/risks/updates is what we do. If you have a question you'd like us to answer such as "What is an IT MSP?" or "Pros and Cons of In house/Outsourced IT Support" drop us a message and we'll create a blog. If you have the question we're sure someone else has too. Its our ethos of You Ask, We Answer we've learnt from Marcus Sheridan

You can expect to see a lot of content coming from Jahmel in the coming weeks!