We’ve been shortlisted for the ‘European MSP Innovation Awards’ 2019

We are happy to announce that we have been shortlisted for 'MSP of the year' at the 'European MSP Innovation Awards' 2019. Within this category, we are going up against CSI, Air IT, SysGroup and Iomart.

It is humbling to be apart of an award show which brings together the highest performing MSPs and MSSPs in the markets today as well as the distributors and vendors which serve them.

Are you doing enough to protect your network perimeter?

Find out how to protect and prevent unauthorised intrusions to your business network in our new blog written by Adam Williams - Network Administrator.  

As we approach mid-2019, it feels like we see an article every day about companies suffering a “cyber-attack”. It can be hard to know where to start to protect your network from the multitudes of cyber-nasties that are trying to get into your network, steal your data, encrypt all your machines.

Outsourced IT and IT Manager: can They Work Together?

Depending on the size of your business, you may have (or be considering) a full in-house IT team, just a manager or even a member of staff who takes responsibility for IT along with their day to day role.

One of the advantages of having your own IT manager is that they understand the business requirements from being ‘on the ground’ and seeing first-hand what staff challenges and needs are.

Turn your employees into a human firewall

In this digital age, your employees need to act as your biggest firewall. Cybercriminals are developing new methods of attack on a daily basis and there is no solution which guarantees 100% protection. Although security professionals across the globe recommend a layered approach, your employees will always be the final barrier to your business.

Cyber security risks of Game of Thrones

In our new column, Steve McGowan our Security, Risk and Compliance Director takes you through some of the security risks faced when illegally streaming Game of Thrones and how criminals leverage of its high demand.

Yesterday was the day all of us nerds have been waiting for, its Game of Thrones day! But in all the excitement we see concerns around Cyber Security.

RTO vs RPO: Whats the difference?

When discussing disaster recovery, Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are two terms you'll frequently hear as they are key components in your data recovery strategy. Although they both sound similar they, differ greatly in how they help optimise your plan.

Windows 7 use finally declines as the OS nears its end

As Windows 7 nears its EOL (end of life), market data appears to show the operating system (OS) is losing users. While there had been a momentary uptick in market share for Windows 7 in February 2019, the most recent data shows Windows 7 declining in March, according to the latest Netmarketshare report.

Top 5 computer Pranks to play in the office | April Fools

April Fool's the day where employees everywhere put aside their daily tasks to partake in a bit of office banter and pranks of all different natures. Since we are a technology-focused company we thought it'd be improper of us if we didn't arm you with five of our best computer pranks to play in the office.