New regulations are among many other external problems SME’s must tackle. Despite having a full agenda these must be adhered to; but these lengthy legislations don’t make it easy for business owners

Compliance has always been a consideration for enterprise organisations, and you may be familiar with ISO, BSI and other quality based certifications. But today we see more and more requirements down the supply chain for compliance to be met by all sizes of organisation when it comes to cyber security or data.

There are a variety of data and security compliance areas that we at ATG can advise or help you achieve. Whether industry specific, a partner requirement such as PCI (Payment Card Industry) or driven by your customers supply chain requirements. These can include support in DCPP (Defence Cyber Protection Partnership) for defense contracts or international requirements such as the USA's NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Do get in touch if you have specific questions or requirements.

The 2 main areas we assist our clients in achieving are Cyber Essentials and GDPR.


GDPR & Data Protection

GDPR consultancy

GDPR is the newest legislation being enforced in May 2018. This legislation will replace the previous DPA (Data Protection Act) and will affect all businesses that carry any data on EU citizens. Main problem for businesses is implementing the data processing procedures, ensuring you are able to erase and locate your data at any given point upon request. Find out how ATG can help you achieve compliance with our simple guided approach


Cyber Essentials & IASME

With our Cyber Essentials and IASME Gold Auditors we can help your business achieve a government and industry backed accreditations. Accreditations such as Cyber Essentials (+) and IASME Gold can safeguard your businesses against 80% of cyber threats. They can also help you obtain government contracts which involve the handling of personal and sensitive information. Find out how to protect your business and demonstrate your commitment to Cyber Security

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