High level of visibility

"During the past 5/6 years that I have been working with Mark and the ATG team, we have built a great relationship. For me, some of the strongest points have always been a high level of visibility, and the team’s ability to manage expectations. We have utilized services from onsite support, video conferencing implementation, purchasing, just to name a few, and we have never been disappointed with any deliverables that have been promised. Mark & the whole team (I’ve dealt with so many people it’s hard to even name them all) on many occasions, have not only met our requirements, but surpassed them!

I would like to thank the whole team for the assistance given this year! Kate, for getting us all the items (in record time) that other vendors failed to deliver…David, for assisting with arrangements on some extremely tight timelines…and finally, Mark, for going above and beyond for helping make our Windows 7/Office 2010 project land in our UK offices. Not many company owners would be crawling about hooking up monitors and docking stations to help us meet our deadlines."

Service Desk Manager