Our confidence in their ability has done nothing but grow

"We engaged ATG as an independent consultant company a number of years ago (from memory they began to assist us circa 2011) and I can honestly say that our confidence in their business and ability has done nothing but grow in this substantial time period. Our company processes and stores thousands of confidential files on behalf of listed PLC organisations and therefore it is absolutely critical that we are robust and secure with our I.T network. ATG have amply proved themselves on the thankfully odd occasion, that they can react to the most threatening of conditions that have cropped up historically and rectify any problems that we have faced at extremely short notice. I have over a period of time, worked with Mark Matthews to rectify any deficiency in our I.T infrastructure and their advice has played no small part in the ongoing success of our business. An example of this would be the introduction of the 5nines cloud backup, which whilst we were cautious of the initial spend, we believe is an absolute essential tool for those businesses who cannot afford the loss of any data or indeed down time leading to lost profits. With this backup system in place we feel totally confident that our business would continue to operate in a matter of minutes, even in the event of the premises burning to the ground."

EIF Holdings Limited