Tech for Good : TikTok users help with Parkinson’s

January 25th, 2021
Tech for Good : TikTok users help with Parkinson’s

TikTok often gets some bad press, but the creativity and collaboration is often amazing. It's not all sea shanties and dances...

Jimmy Choi is a athlete who posts about his daily life, he's holds 2 World Records, is an endurance athlete, and has taken part in Ninja Warrior 4 times. He is also living with Parkinson's and raises awareness of the condition.

In December he posted a video showing his struggle to grab a pill from a container.

One user, Brian Alldridge saw the video and took it upon him self to work out a solution and started to 3d design a pill bottle, without any product design experience..

He had posted his design but had no 3d printer to test it, this is when the project really took off, many other users suggested amendments and started printing and testing the prototypes. Once it was proven that the design had potential, others joined in to fine-tune it — fixing up the printing problems, adding a quarter turn, and making it spillproof.

Now it's 5th version, Choi is already using it he said “The time it takes, and your risk of spilling these pills out on the floor in public, it’s almost zero.” and that “the anxiety level goes away”

They are now being printed and shipped to other people living with Parkinson's by The Hungry Engineer and donations going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. He has been trying to prove to his wife that a 3d printer was a wise investment, I think she'll agree with this one.


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Brian Alldridge is looking to patent his original design, and plans to release the 3D-printable version into the public domain and let nonprofits manufacture their own.

A great use of social media as a force for good.