IT Support for Marketing, Public Relation,
and Design Agencies

Previously creative, digital and marketing agencies haven't had to worry about IT suppoprt. A selection of Macs and an adobe suite and you were ready. With changes in the industry and new compliance, now more advanced, secure systems are required.

Technology and creativity are inseparable in this day an age; and by having an outdated/incompetent IT system this can cause issues and ultimately slow down productivity. Reduced productivity = reduced revenue.

At ATG-IT our desires lie in customer service by tailoring a bespoke IT strategy for your business and offering around the clock support with a friendly face. Currently providing IT support for a number of creative and marketing agencies across the West Midlands; making us familiar with the operations of your agency. Whilst considering differences between agencies our technicians are experienced and knowledgable in the hardware and software requirements specifically for your business.


Challenges for your agency

  • Are you struggling with GDPR Compliance?
  • Does your organisation have huge data requirements needing to be backed up?
  • Do you have a flexible work force whom are in and out of the office?
  • Do you need to have access to your network at all times?
  • Do you have mixed users of Windows, Mac or Linux?
  • Do you reguarly contract in external employees? and need to be able to give/revoke access in a efficient manner?

ATG-IT Limited’s IT support provides your business with:


Cloud Computing

  • On-demand access
  • Enabling a flexible work force
  • Greater control
  • Cost effective

Cloud computing and support, continues to be the most cost effective solution provided to marketing and creative agencies; enabling a flexible and efficient work force no matter where you are. However, transitioning the move of your server infrastructure to the cloud is where the complication lies, especially when adding more advanced features. Whereas we can help you migrate to your chosen cloud service without a hitch, recommend a package plan that is best for your business, and ensure a smooth cloud backup for your peace of mind.

Once you've made an informed decision on your cloud service our technicians will warrant the integration with your existing systems and ensure you are making the most of your cloud provider.



  • 24/7 service
  • Remote support
  • On-site support
  • Award winning service
  • Flexible per user based support

You can't predict tech problems by a time or date; they just happen, it's inevitable. Neither is it easy to tell if the safety of your system is compromised with newer more sophisticated and disguisable methods of infiltration. To give you peace of mind, our 24/7 monitoring and support service is a vital feature.

Our remote support also allow us to efficiently resolve issues, so you won't have a technician rummaging around your office asking where [inserts technical jargon here] is. Followed by a monthly phone call from our account manager adding a personal touch to our intangible service. However in the event of a on-site visit, our customer policy guarantees you that our technicians remain cognisant of your operations, network layout and even office layout.



  • Knowledgable and experienced technicians
  • Support for mixed windows, Mac and linux environment
  • Security for all work decides inc. mobiles and tablets
  • Support on licensing of multiple softwares

Based on experience, we have acknowledged that you will be using a variety of operating systems ranging from Linux, Microsoft and Apple. Despite Microsoft being the most popular system, your graphic or web designers might prefer something different and that's ok with us.

Being knowledgable of all individual platforms is something our technicians value, on order to meet the technology requirements for your business. Equipment provided by ATG will be managed by us, through regular maintenance checks giving you peace of mind. Also looking after your software licenses and warranties, taking full responsibility of your IT solutions.



  • Disaster recovery
  • Quickly add/remove users
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Business continuity

Our account user management expertise allow us to easily remove and add employees in an efficient manner. Additionally apart of our server management we rigorously ensure the appropriate permissions are set for all individual users; relieving the fear of malicious data and information theft.

We have practiced and experienced, disaster recovery solutions which take frequent snapshots of your systems existing state; in order to quickly return them to a normal working state in the event of an attack. Preparing and safe-guarding your organisation from attacks such as ransomware.

Unsure of your existing or potential partners security? We can also perform cyber security audits on behalf of yourself to ensure they are also meeting the requirements to protect your organisation.