Last week we launched this new website, it’s not finished. Here’s why…

January 24th, 2017
Last week we launched this new website, it’s not finished. Here’s why…

Last week we launched this new website, it's not finished but we launched it. Here's why…

apple website as in 1998

Apple's Website in 98

When the Internet was in its infancy websites were simple things, they served a purpose. Few pages; home, about us, services, contact details (maybe even a sparkly new email address logo at the top, menu down the left hand side and that was about it. If you were really showing off you had a counter which showed how many visits you'd had to the page since uploading.

With the modern web or Web 2.0 as its known, you have interactive, multi platform experiences with parallax scrolling and advanced analytics, but usually people are visiting your website for the same reason as they did 20 years ago in 1997 (scary I know, I still see 20 years ago as the 80s!) so it's not to say we won't have fancy pages but if we do it'll be to explain how we help solve a problem.

So why haven't you finished it? Well websites now are never finished, they constantly evolve with both technology and content. 5 years ago our internet connections couldn't handle video and now every site has it, with it even working on your phone. We don't know what will come tomorrow, maybe VR next?

But the biggest shift was in the advancement of content management systems, the backbone of sites. now most of the web is built on WordPress, Squarespace or Shopify. Gone are the days where to add a page you'd have to put a change request in to your developer, get a quote, wait for the work to be done, send back the changes as it wasn't quite what you were hoping for, then agree on something that worked. Instead it now takes seconds and anyone can do it, it's as easy as writing a word document.

So content can be added easily, that's where you come in, we want to answer as many questions as possible.

Are you wondering if Office 365 is the right solution for your email server?
What Cyber Security is right for a small business?
Need to know what to do when your SBS2011 server gives up the ghost?
What on earth is Cyber Essentials and do I need it?

We’ll put together pages of the popular questions because if you've got the question someone else probably has too!

Isn't this just a gimmick to get people to contact you?
Honestly yes and no, we like connecting with business people, if we can help them great, but it's not a requirement you use our services, you wont be hammered by sales calls.. We might not be the right fit. We’re big fans of The Go Giver at ATG, it's part of the ATG Way. So if we can help and add value to the wider business community with education on technology we will.

So feel free to send questions to