Just pick up the crisp packet! – Mark’s Network Group presentation.

Just pick up the crisp packet! – Mark’s Network Group presentation.


Last week our CEO, Mark Matthews was presenting to a full room of 40 entrepreneurs on 'How to define values within the organisation', sharing his views on the importance of company values and how ATG identified their own. In this presentation, Mark gave insight into why your business values need to represent the existing team and NOT be based on what the CEO deems as important.

An example of this was a stray crisp packet which was left at the entrance and passed by every employee.  As a CEO Mark couldn't understand why no one picked this up, questioning if anyone even cares about the presentation of the building! The revelation was that there was no universal culture or values instilled in the employees neither of them shared a mutual vision.

"Thanks, the presentation was great, it has inspired me to crack on with changes we have spent too long planning and not enough time doing."

Throughout the presentation, Mark referenced the book 'Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business' which altered his view on company values. 'Traction' is a business strategy book written by Gino Wickman that guides leaders of entrepreneurial organisations on how to gain control of their business through the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

"I have come back from the meeting absolutely hyper following your presentation.

I am 50% into the book on Traction which I am finding fantastic reading. I have my wife saying that I have been away for three days and its time to roll my sleeves backup.

Yours was one of the best sessions I have ever been privileged to attend. I will be trying to implement your suggestions.

A huge thank you."

The presentation was held at a Network Group event in Stratford for its member organisations. If you don't know already the Network Group are a buying group, who negotiate volume purchasing agreements with leading national and global vendors such as HP, MSI Microsoft, Epson, Samsung, Continuum, Connectwise, and more. However, they share more than just purchasing decisions; they share business knowledge and strategic advice which allows members to grow in many different ways.

If you'd like to find out more about developing business values or advice on developing a healthy working relationship with employees/stakeholders feel free to drop Mark a message on LinkedIn as he’s always happy to help.