Data breaches are among the highest threat to SME’s with 45% having identified a breach within the last year.

Thats only the businesses who reported the crimes. Majority of SME’s usually pay the ransoms,
as they don’t have the capital to recover from the negative impact

Are you holding priceless data to the organisation?

Do you want to know how to mitigate 80% of cyber attacks?

Are you and your employees aware on how to report cyber incidents?


Security Audit

A cyber security audit assessment effectively identifies the potential risks which can affect your businesses IT systems, processes and assets. Focusing on understanding your business and its vulnerabilities and classifying the potential impacts.


Staff Training

Employees are any organisation weakest link to cyber security. Ensuring they are aware of the type of attacks, how to safeguard themselves and their devices is crucial.


Back-up and disaster recovery

At ATG, we use the 5nines solution, our hybrid disaster recovery and business continuity solution gives peace of mind to businesses of all sizes. 5nines provides you with a screenshot verification that proves your backups work and ensures you can be completely back up and running within 6 seconds.


Security Stack

Our ATG security stack gears your systems with E-mail, Virus, Malware and internet protection. This combination grants you multi-layered security approach, mitigating cyber threats before they even become noticeable to the end user.


Keep your data safe from Ransomware!

Our expertise spans all of the recommended security layers required to offer comprehensive cyber protection, including training and user awareness, systems, support and planning.

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I don't think the NHS, Yahoo or TalkTalk predicted they would be a victim of cybercrime either.

With inevitable threats like natural disasters and an increasing incidence of cyberattacks, backing up your critical files and data is no longer enough to ensure your protection.

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When's the last time you audited your systems?

For many SME's the answer is never. A cyber security audit assessment effectively identifies the potential risks which can affect your businesses IT systems, processes and assets.

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Make your employees your strongest defence!

Our awareness programme will take people from being unaware of cybersecurity to the point where they are proactively behaving in a way that reduces the people risk element of cybersecurity.

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