Improving your business with IT

In any IT department, you need availability, accountability, knowledge and experience in a team to manage your IT infrastructure.

Your IT department needs to understand your business needs and goals in order for a coherent relationship. At ATG we act in your best interest by going beyond your average IT supplier, adding tangibility to a traditionally intangible service.

Do you have experienced technicians who can solve a range of issues?

Can you measure the satisfaction of your employees through IT?



We invest heavily in the annual training of our technicians to ensure they can tackle the most current problems to date. In order for us to be proactive, we develop cyber security and Technology roadmaps to plan for the future.


Client Satisfaction

We monitor client satisfaction across our business, in real time, on an issue by issue basis, to maintain our service levels. Every month, we benchmark our performance against best in class KPIs and leading service providers, and share this with you.



We have been solving IT problems since 1989, meaning we have 29 years of experience in the industry. Our client history is diverse and spans into a variety of industries, so whatever your needs and requirements are we can help.


Expert advice is at your calling!

Our small business consulting expertise has helped SMBs in Worcestershire cultivate the right IT strategy plan that addresses real business challenges.

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No More Sleepless Nights with our IT Support

With our Managed Services, you can rest assured that your technology investment offers maximum security, efficiency and productivity.

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